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The Top 5 Most Powerful Tools for B2B Sales in 2023

What are the top 5 tools for B2B sales in 2023?


Whether you’re a marketing agency owner or in Business Development trying to smash your targets, you already know; there is NO secret to sales. However, there are tools for B2B sales that can make the process easier so you can focus on getting new business in.

For medium to large businesses, there are plenty of lead generation tools that can really drive traffic through your sales funnel. There really isn’t a way to fully replace outreach & a good sales funnel, so if you’re not a small(ish) business, focus on KYC (know your customer) and getting hyper-focused on learning your target industry.

For small & growing companies, particularly marketing agencies, we’ve done a roundup of the most powerful B2B sales tools based on our experience.

Top 5 Tools for B2B Sales

Qwilr (Sales)
  • Create beautiful proposals to send to prospects, instead of spending hours hashing out templates and word documents to PDFs.
  • Heatmapping & analytics to track results.
  • Send a hyperlink instead of a bloated document.

If you’re constantly sending proposals, here’s a better way.

Lunchclub / Shapr (Networking)


  • Get matched x3 times a week with new people for video calls. As informal or professional as you wish.
  • Select your target (business development, raise funding, meet new people).
  • Select your location and add your interests.
  • Free tool.

We built most of our marketplace through this channel. Do remember, the aim is not to pitch but to help, provide upfront value & find your target audience for feedback; a sale is usually an organic byproduct of good networking.

You can sign up using our link here.


  • Tinder for networking. You swipe left or right on matches and chat. There are a LOT of French users & the targeting isn’t great.
  • We have found lots of new connections on here though.
  • Fill out your profile, spend 1 minute a day swiping and see what happens.
  • Free & paid tool.

You can check them out here.

Sales Navigator by LinkedIn (Networking)
  • One of the most useful tools for B2B sales in our arsenal.
  • It helps us connect directly to our target audience, find shares experiences and mutual connections.
  • Also doubles up us a CRM tool with lists and tags.
  • They have their own SSI tool (social selling index) that tells you how you rank against competitors.
  • Paid tool.
Buffer / Hootsuite (Social Media scheduling)
  • Assuming you’re working on personal branding, which in 2021 you have to, you should definitely check out both of these for scheduling your LinkedIn posts.
  • Find the best times to post and add a schedule in. Did we mention you have to be on LinkedIn too?
  • Both tools are free if you’re only using 1 or 2 social accounts, so it’s ideal for personal branding only.

Check Buffer here and Hootsuite here.

Calendly (Calendar Meeting schedule)
  • Not a sales tool per se but it does help to reduce friction when trying to land new clients.
  • If you integrate with Zoom & your calendar, it sets up meetings based on your calendar and creates a Zoom link. Pretty sweet.
  • With the free version; when meetings are confirmed, you have to go to your calendar & mail the event directly, otherwise, the prospect won’t get a calendar reminder.
  • Free and paid tool. 

Check out Calendly here.

Use the right tool for the right job.


b2b sales tools

There’s no sense in using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Weigh the cost of the tool in proportion to the value it brings, whether that’s by a sale or part of your acquisition cost.

And that’s a wrap. If you’re with a marketing agency and you’re trying to boost your sales, I’m happy to advise and help you personally – you can grab a time slot with me here,

If you’d like to reach more marketing clients, you can find out more here or sign up and access our network here.

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