find clients for my digital marketing agency

How do I find clients for my digital marketing agency?

The question every marketing firm hates to ask – “How can I find clients for my digital marketing agency?”

As competition increases within digital marketing, many are wondering how they can find clients. Most channels are becoming saturated with pushy salesmen, it really makes you wonder how you can still sustainably find new business. We don’t believe in hacks or secrets, however, there are some ways to help you get there.

After all, sales is the cure for any business!

7 Tips to Help You Get Digital Marketing Clients


1 – Network religiously;

Attend local business networking events, even go further afield if you need to. The idea is to raise awareness about your brand as well as build relationships that can pay dividends in the long term, so when prospects think of digital marketing, they think of you first.

Platforms such as Lunchclub can help you network and lead to serendipitous moments, I managed to really connect with my target audience using it. Here’s a cheeky referral link so we both get points!;

Lunchclub – Network and meet professionals

2- Leverage your own services;

Most digital agencies are terrible at this! If your team is good at paid advertising, guess what you should try? Yep, you got it.

There’s also no harm in outsourcing your own company marketing to another agency if you’re unable to do it. As you’re probably well versed in digital marketing, they’re less likely to try and overcharge you as you know how to track ROI/ROAS and all those fun little metrics.

Do use a little common sense – find an agency that isn’t in competition with you.

3- Video marketing;

There’s no slowdown to this one, since 2020, video marketing is one of the most sought after services.

Short attention spans + highly visual creatures = short-form video content.

If you’re new to this and trying it out for yourself, there are tools such as Loom, Clipchamp or Descript to help you create videos.

4- Utilise social proof;

Your clients may love your work but it doesn’t help you attract more clients if you’re not shouting about it. Take pride in your work and make your voice heard in every single space.

A visually pleasing portfolio that is easy to access, showcasing your best work can really impact a buyer’s decision. If you’re unable to do this, get recommendations on LinkedIn, add testimonials to your website (legitimate ones, of course) or add them to your client proposals.

5- Keep a simple agency name;

You may think you’re special because of the edgy/peculiar name you chose for your agency as weirdness is all the rage in the marketing world, but they don’t do anything for your brand if no one can tell what industry you’re in. I’ve seen agencies with completely random names like HopScotch and Breathe. Are you purposely trying to confuse prospects?

On the other hand, generic names like Websites Ltd can make you look amateur and very 90’s.

6- Build your personal brand;

LinkedIn is pretty hot right now for B2B marketing. The problem is that people buy from people, company pages tend to have a much lower reach. As a digital marketer, you should invest time in building your personal brand and engaging with prospects. Posting is good but as a general rule, try to engage (likes, comments or shares) with at least 10 people before you post.

Higher quality posts that are authentic will always work better than low-quality & uninteresting posts. It may seem hard at first, just remember, you’re telling a story here about yourself, your brand, your people and your vision.

7- Find where prospects are actively looking;

Look for channels where buyers are proactively asking for marketing services, although the competition may be high, your value proposition can help you stand out from the crowd.

If you’re in the UK, sites like WorkWyse help marketing agencies & buyers meet.

And that’s it. There’s no special trick or hack to get you there!

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