most important marketing tactic

The 1st and Most Important Marketing Tactic

“Eloquence is an underrated skill in digital marketing”


Marketers spend a lot of time looking for hacks and growth levers to find the most important marketing tactic. The best one’s don’t because they already know what it is. The difference between great marketing vs. good marketing boils down to one thing; getting a powerful message across in as few words as possible.

There’s a reason that many memorable quotes have been formed around the value of being concise.

“Omit the needless”.
“Hack away at the unessential”.
“Less is more”.

Why does it matter?

Your target audience are humans just like you; they have bills, problems, and a stressful life.

You’re trying to capture their attention while they’re scrolling past your post/ad.

You have literally seconds of their time.

A dissertation on why your product is slightly better than their current solution will not spur action.

A concise & punchy caption is much more likely to increase your CTR/conversion rate.

If you’re just starting off doing digital marketing for your business (see more on marketing your business on a budget), the most important marketing tactic you can learn is to write good copy.

I know it’s easier said than done but remember – if you know your target audience & you can write well, learning how to target through paid advertising is an easy step & can yield brilliant results.

Unsure about how to advertise yourself? YouTube is the king of learning. Don’t have the time? Outsource your marketing instead.

Unless a marketing expert really understands your industry and target audience, they won’t be able to reach potential customers as well as you.

If you’re trying to figure out how to increase the clarity of your copy, remember; “what can I remove from this whilst keeping the message intact?”.
important marketing tactic
Another important marketing tactic is to leverage relevant & trending information.


Before you write any content, it’s always worth finding out what’s currently trending; this ensures that you stay ahead of the curve and increase your reach.

One of our favourite tools for finding out which keywords to target is Google Trends. It’s free and helps you figure out what users are searching for and how it can relate to your product/service.

It goes without saying that mentioning keywords that don’t actually relate to your offering is going to work against you.

E.g.- a website selling dog treats shouldn’t try to capitalise on trends such as “cool fidget spinners”.

It’ll increase your traffic in the short term but it’ll increase your bounce rate also (users clicking and leaving your site very quickly, thus ‘bouncing’ off your page).

Another awesome tool is Answer The Public; this helps you take those keywords that you’ve found and search for variants that may give you a better reach.

E.g.- “increase sales through paid advertising” might not have a great reach but “how to increase sales through paid advertising” might work better.

Find the keywords that you can either write great copy about or relate to your content really well.

The last and by no means least important marketing tactic is to focus.
“Methods are many, principles are few”


We truly believe in the Pareto principle (80/20). In marketing, it’s quite vital to understand your efforts and where to lead. Generally speaking, 80% of the success of your marketing efforts will come from 20% of your marketing plan.

What do we mean by this?

Say you’ve got a healthy marketing mix going on. The likelihood of all efforts being equal is low, it’s more likely that one channel/effort is driving the majority of your traffic/sales.

Once you’ve found the right medium that works for your site, hit the gas! You never know how sustainable those results will be so it’s best to double down whilst things are good.


TL;DR – The most important marketing tactic is clarity.

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