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Picking an Industry Niche for Your Marketing Agency

Should you pick a niche for your marketing agency?


To niche or not to niche.

Many marketers believe that selecting an industry niche for your marketing agency can help consolidate your understanding of it, while some claim you should branch off into similar industries.

Out of 100 digital marketing agencies that we spoke to, 40 claimed to niche into one industry while the remaining 60 have three or more verticals that they work with.

As Covid-19 has adversely affected certain industries,  many digital agencies have had to rethink their entire strategy of betting on niches as these sectors are hesitant to spend on digital marketing. Agencies that have stood firm during this time share one thing in common; they have around 3 industries that they work with. In particular, agencies within healthcare and healthcare recruitment saw a significant rise in advertising spend.

Luxury travel and hospitality took the biggest hit and left many agencies with very little in terms of a backup plan.

E-commerce has taken a centre stage as retail businesses scramble to become digitised to keep up, many retail & e-commerce focused agencies have had such an increase in service requests that they’ve had to decline new clients.

Although it looks like we’re coming out of this “new normal”, getting stuck in survival mode until then is no strategy for getting through it. There are other factors to consider for digital marketing agencies. It’s always good to find new ways to carry out marketing in this new era and keep up with trends.

industry focus for digital marketing

Why pick an industry niche for your marketing agency?

  • Understand the industry better (a master of one).
  • No learning curve.
  • Powerful thought leadership.
  • Potential referrals to new clients (word-of-mouth being the best marketing channel).
  • No backup options should the industry struggle.
  • Unable to take on new clients from other industries.
  • Without due diligence, going into a narrow industry seems easy but big players may dominate these already.

What actually matters;


From our experience and the agencies that we work with; selecting a service that you’re agency is good at is more important than worrying about picking an industry niche for your marketing agency.

Some agencies that are just starting out will find it quite difficult to gain traction quickly, so they require a level of resourcefulness in marketing themselves frugally – niching it up won’t really move the needle much.

Clients don’t tend to look for full-service agencies unless they’re large corporations/enterprise-level. On the other hand, SME clients are much more likely to (quite literally) search for agencies that just do the particular service that they’re after, whether it’s PPC/paid advertising or social media marketing.

If you’re an SEO or content marketing agency, you’ve probably noticed a rise in new business or requests from prospects as these particular services have seen a huge increase in 2021. If not, we’ve built a marketplace for you to find some tasty new business – WorkWyse.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t provide lots of services; full-service agencies can and do work well too.

TL;DR: Most digital marketing agencies are divided on this. Instead of picking an industry to work with, a service focus can work much better.

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